Ecotourism - Transforming Urban and Regional Tourism

In this, the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, Global Eco Asia-Pacific focuses on the evolving role of ecotourism in both urban and regional settings. No longer a small niche within the tourism industry, ecotourism is being embraced by the mainstream. Ecotourism is the natural home for high value experienced travellers.

Global Eco brings together the key players that can evolve this critical sector of the tourism industry – the operators, protected area managers, destination developers, applied researchers and destination marketers.

Ecotourism is now growing across the globe at an extraordinary rate. In the Asia-Pacific ecotourism represents the ideal vehicle to achieve poverty alleviation, community involvement and environmental sustainability.

Importantly the theme explores how new players are taking a critical role in developing ecotourism - bringing economic, community and environmental benefits.